First sales of unknown product in a niche market
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Genoomy helps you understand your DNA and your own health. They have created an easy to use tool to analyse DNA tests and present simple and user-friendly interpretation.


Genoomy needed to find early adopters and initial paying customers. Doing this was a challenge - the product was unknown, with no social proof. They had to convince people to give them their sensitive information.


The key was to understand the behavior of potential customers and the best acquisition channels. After brainstorming and analysis we concluded that it will be possible to identify people who had previously performed DNA test and shared their experience on Twitter. Using an array of different methods we could target precisely the people who were interested in genetic tests and reach out to them with customised tweets. In case of any questions, the team could respond quickly. The test campaign resulted in finding the very first early adopters and subsequently the first sales. Genoomy was able to convince a group of people to trust their product and validate their business model. This was a direct result of a precise targeting campaign that generated a number of first sales in a hard to reach niche market.

The campaign were an opportunity to hone and integrate an array of tools that enabled us to find the right people and distribute tweets. Seeing the effectiveness of the methods here and during the campaign for our other client - Zercado, we decided to create a separate website dedicated to this kind of services. This way Rarog was born - a service where you can order hypertargeted Twitter campaigns and reach your customers.

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    It would be really hard to reach our target market with traditional ads, but flame. helped us find people who were really interested in our product.

    Mateusz Kowalczyk
    Genoomy founder

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